SIM emulator software & hardware by the android

The Androids little miracle !

The Android has written a *wonderful* SIM emulator in turbo pascal. It emulates the file serving part of a SIM card AND the GSM authentication routines (COMP128). With the software and a very simple computer (RS-232) to phone interface (top left in the picture), it will allow you to make your own virtual SIM card where there are no restrictions to what SIM files can be updated. Normally only someone with the SIM administrative code are allowed to update certain files such as the administrative file - When the SIM is emulated, then *YOU* are in charge and there are no restrictions as to which fields can be changed - AD, ATR, etc.. The circuit board in the middle is a smart card adaptor that was used to log trafic between phone and SIM during (the ongoing) development of the program. The program does not require much computing power - a 16 MHz 286 will do just fine.
Giulio Cesare (designer of the interface boards) has a
page describing them (only in Italian for now). There are many places that sell complete season interfaces(eg. Multisat, that are easy to modify into a ASIM interface(G7HID demonstrates just how). An even simpler interface circuit that only needs a single 7400 has been designed by George Terziysky (please note that this version almost exclusively works with 5v phones such as the international 3200 - 8200). Maybe the simplest interface is this one - it works fine with most of the phones and is only a lightly modified version of the interface described in simhard.gif (included in ASIM31.ZIP below).

From ver. 3.1 ASIM supports the A3 & A8 authentication algorithms (COMP128) !

Download ASIM VERSION 3.1 source, .exe and documentation (75k)

Chaveiro has added even more functions to ASIM in the version below. The additions are: Save sim file capability, added suport for SMS and Abreviated phone numbers. (read and record), added Verify of sent data - On error user will be notified, added INS=2F (status), to work with recent phones, added detailed runtime information and description of what's going on, added suport for PIN2 and PUK, sdded schematic hardware to the program exe, added autoload and autostart funcionality from command prompt, change serial port usage from DSR to DCD for compability with other hardware!!!, redisigned 6fxx File view with detailed description, added pc speaker beep on reset.

Download ASIM VERSION 4 source, .exe and documentation (86k)

Stephan Made a bunch of additions to ASIM 3.1 as well.
Neither of the two above authours are continueing devellopment on these programs, The things-to-do list includes: merging additions of the two above versions. Improving internal editor or simply spawning another editor from ASIM.

Download ASIM VERSION 4 Deluxe source, .exe and documentation (106k)

Emulating the test and clone card

Files for emulating a Motorola test and clone card are inluded with ASIM (sim.dat and clone.dat). Look at the pages describing the test and clone card for more information. The clone card frames can be saved in motorola S19 or binary format and can be edited within ASIM. The framebuffer has a size of 4K. COM port and language is defined in the *.dat file.

Here are a few hints:

PIC 16x84 based test card

Ronny has written PIC code for emulating the file serving routines of a SIM card and modified it to contain the specific entries for the Motorola GSM test card. This will allow you to program your own, ISO or plug-in size test card without having to haul a PC / laptop and season interface along with you. You will need a blank wafer card (around 10 USD when sold one at a time) and a programmer. PIC card programmers are very popular among satelite dish owners, so you can often find someone to program it for you if you do not want to build one yourself. If your EPROM / device programmer supports the 16F84/16C84 you can simply make an adaptor from DIL to ISO7816 card and program the card that way. The fuses should be set as follows: OSC: XT, WDOG: Off, PUT: Disabled, CP: Don't care. If you want to build your own programmer, then check out the Electronic Projects Page by Jacob Blichfeldt where you can find both a *very* simple (cheap!) programmer or a versatile one.

Download SIM-PIC testcard .hex file for Motorola Test card emulation (3k)

Editing of transfer frames

TST has made a really, really neat program that will let you edit the menu configuration easily as well as editing the phonebook with ease and uploading your own wakeup graphic screen to the phone ! Have fun with it, take care and remember to send me copies of your frames and customized graphics ! Do not use with 7200 and older phones. Read the excellent documentation before you try to use MEDIT. MEDITX is a hybrid between ASIM and MEDIT - MEDITX will let you do everything from one program with command line parameters.

Download MEDIT VERSION 3.04 source, .exe and documentation (21k)

Download MEDITX VERSION 1.8 executable and documentation (30k)

Collection of useful files

I wish to thank The Android & TST for putting all this time, effort and energy into the ASIM project !

1998 Janus Christian Krarup